A New Life in Warmth and Wealth

One of the best ways to give your life the renewed energy that it needs is to move to a sunny location and start your own business. A good climate along with the job satisfaction coming from being your own boss is sure to turn you into a completely different person.

Malta is a perfect example of a place where you can reach your dreams. The environment is perfect and the governing bodies there are very helpful.

Moving to Malta

When you move to Malta to open your very own casino, you will quickly see how easy the whole process can be. For one thing, the Malta Gaming Authority gives licenses for new casinos, and they give them to business owners from all over Europe. There is no need to be a citizen of Malta to take advantage of the tax breaks that the island is known for, and the casino gaming permit that the gaming commission gives out.

There are many alternative methods for staying long-term in Malta, if being a serious business owner is something that you want to do. The most popular method for attaining residence permits can be found through the Malta Residence and Visa Programme. The MRVP is a new system that makes it incredibly easy for people from all over the world to stay and become business owners.

Systems like the new residence program, along with many other initiatives taken by the Malta government have made Malta one of the best places in Europe for running casinos and other businesses focused on gambling.


Go ahead and follow your heart. Get out of that boring rat race and move to Malta. You will be happier for it, and chances are, you will discover things about yourself that you never thought possible.